Big Change for Trenton Mid-Summer Festival

The Trenton-Mid Summer Festival committee visited Monday's city council meeting to make a special announcement regarding the 2013 festival.

The former Trenton Mid-Summer Festival Committee like to move it, move it because the festival has a new name and date.

The new Trenton Summer Festival will be moved to June 28-30 in 2013 as opposed to the usual date in mid-July.

The now Trenton Summer Festival committee changed the date to avoid competing with other nearby festivals including the Wyandotte Art Fair, Plymouth Art Fair and Uncle Sam Jam in Woodhaven, according to Scott Bar, festival committee chairperson.

A survey was distributed to festival participants and survey responses indicated a desire to move the festival to an earlier date, Barr said at Monday's Trenton City Council meeting where the announcement to change the festival date was made.

cindy henegar October 18, 2012 at 03:27 PM
Great News!
cscharlt October 18, 2012 at 08:02 PM
This is great news, although this event and date was a bit of an "anniversary thing" it is nice to be able to visit other festivals. I will echo others sentiments, though, that downtown Trenton is desperately in need of work. It would be much nicer to see more local business from the area being able to actively participate and get involved, rather than closing up their doors along the street.
Scott Kloock April 18, 2013 at 02:48 PM
Marie, I would have to ask when is the last time you attended the Festival? The Festival itself is the "draw", but there are also businesses downtown that are thriving. The Festival is and always has been a Trenton "Homecoming" for many residents and former residents. The only reason the Dates were changed was due to 2 large local festivals occurring at the same time, 1 smaller festival & further out, the Plymouth festival. By changing the date, we have allowed more Vendors the opportunity to participate and allow Trenton to Kickoff the Summer Festival season.
Scott Kloock April 18, 2013 at 02:58 PM
continued... Last year was the biggest crowd we've ever had at the Main Stage. Mitch Ryder was awesome and the people loved it! If you truly think it's a joke, then you obviously don't care about the city or what it has to offer. Yes, people do go for the beer tents since they are a gathering area,just as they are in Wyandotte, but there is so much more. I have talked with many of our Crafters who love it in Trenton. They have told me it is not only cleaner, but also run tremendously well. The Bounce area for the kids is always a hit, as is the Kid's Korner for the younger ones. The Entertainment offers Music and Dance for all different tastes! The Downtown area is the optimum location due to the logistics of closing the streets and still allowing access to the north or south exits. Local Businesses are encouraged to participate and be active with the Festival just as our local Groups are. It is a Community event that has been running strong for 38 years and the people in place, it will continue to run strong and offer the Downriver area an event with being part of. Trenton Summer Festival 2013 - June 27th thru 30th
Scott Kloock April 18, 2013 at 03:04 PM
Just a heads up William... the reason the dates weren't changed before is that they had been the same for 37yrs. Wyandotte is the festival that fluctuated their dates based on the dates for Ann Arbor. The Trenton Summer Festival has always been the "homecoming" time for those who have moved away from the area to return and visit with Friends & Family. With multiple Festivals on the same date, we chose to move the dates and start the Summer right. Ours is a city/community festival, not a business. Tradition means a lot in Trenton... Hockey, Football, Summer Festival... we are hoping this starts new traditions and a better Festival experience for everyone, the People attending, the vendors, the crafters, the businesses & the city. Take good care and have an awesome SUMMER!


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