Trenton Husband and Wife Clothe, Feed and Mentor Community

When Trenton Mayor Kyle Stack isn't serving the city in a mayoral capacity, she and her husband, Bill Jasman, serve their community in a number of ways.

Trenton Mayor Kyle Stack met her husband, Bill Jasman, in 1997, and the city the two call home has been better for it ever since.

The two spend up to 20 hours per week working with multiple charitable and community organizations in an effort to provide food, clothing and just about anything else to those in need.

Stack was elected mayor of the in November and she said her new job takes up a tremendous amount of her time. However, her new responsibilities as mayor haven’t stifled her volunteer nature.

“I haven’t even thought about it, but I guess I can marry people,” Stack said.

She admitted she has not had time to look further into marrying people, because most of her spare time goes to serving the community.

In December, . The two got involved in Operation Warm in 2008 after they attended an International Rotary meeting.

Stack and Jasman have held several titles in the . She got Jasman involved the year they met and he hasn’t looked back. He now serves as treasurer.

Jasman heads up an exchange program with the Trenton Rotary where students from around the world come to Trenton to learn about American culture. Jasman helps make living arrangements and acts as an all-around mentor for each student visiting Trenton.

Both Stack and Jasman are actively involved in Trenton Goodfellows. Each year Goodfellows provides countless local families with food and clothing.

Trenton City Clerk Trish Gearhart said Stack and Jasman coordinate efforts in multiple ways.

“She spearheads the whole thing,” Gearhart said. “She’s got a heart of gold. She doesn’t say no, and quite honestly sometimes she should, but she doesn’t.”

Stack has served her beloved city in countless ways from refereeing high school volleyball games to acting as goal judge at high school hockey games.

Jasman spends a great deal of time volunteering for a local effort for .

Stack worked with St. Vincent De Paul in serving 78 dinners to local families for Thanksgiving.

Stack admitted she is somewhat of a turkey liaison, because she helped bring the donated food to the people in need. The two hand-delivered a meal to one local family.

“We’re one of those families who donated a Thanksgiving meal to another family,” Jasman said.

Joann Perna, director of parks and recreation for Trenton, said the husband and wife duo provide a tremendous benefit to Trenton.

“They both have the best interest of the community in mind and they work tirelessly to bring forth some great benefits to the community,” Perna said. “They help individuals who are in need … and we are lucky to have them.”

Nate Stemen December 22, 2011 at 02:54 PM
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