Moms Talk Q&A: How Will Your Kids Get to School in the Fall?

Trenton board of education members passed a budget in which transportation was eliminated. So, now what?

The budget for the was adopted Monday, and it did not include transportation for general education students.

Parents of Trenton students have been commenting on Trenton Patch's Facebook page since the story was posted late Monday night.

Many parents have raised and others feel the cut was justified given the for Michigan Public Schools.

A major safety concern brought up was the idea that young children may be forced to cross Fort Street in order to get to school, if they cannot find a ride with a parent or friend.

Board members voted in favor of using $250,000 to demolish rather than add busing to the agenda. Busing would have cost about $400,000, and the remaining cost would have come from a fund balance that one board member said was "way too low."

Patch wants to know what you think. Feel free to answer any or all of these questions:

Are you concerned for your child's safety because they now have to walk to school?

Has cutting busing changed your view on Trenton Public Schools?

Do you think busing was a luxury that needed to be cut in order to offer the best education possible to students?

What do you think of the decision to spend $250,000 to demolish William C. Taylor Elementary School?

How will your kids get to school in the fall?

Anna Goebel June 15, 2011 at 01:26 PM
That is a very good question...WHAT IS THE REASON BEHIND TEARING DOWN TAYLOR RIGHT NOW??? We are not Southgate, we pay more in taxes than they do, amongst other school districts such as Licoln Park which I was told in comparison. This is very far fetched our children now have to feel unsafe, and now it is VERY UNSAFE for them to walk to and from school especially crossing Fort Street....Now I was also told to carpool by a specified board member...yes that can be done...however it is not always POSSIBLE. What are we as Parents and taxpayers to do?!
Margaret June 15, 2011 at 02:55 PM
Why not see this as an opportunity? Carpooling kids to school has always been around, buses or no buses. This may simply bring kids talking to one another to get rides as well as parents be open about socializing in the morning as they drop off more than their children. You've heard of Slugging, it was showcased on Cnn. http://slug-lines.com/Slugging/About_slugging.asp Perhaps a child-friendly slugging sign up at PTA meetings would relieve some stress. And I feel bad for the bus drivers. Good luck to them!
michelle June 15, 2011 at 05:27 PM
I live close to Hedke so the busing issue doesn't affect me, but I used to live by Taylor growing up. That isn't a walk small children can make to Hedke. I would think there should be some kind of compromise. Yes, why do theyhave to tear Taylor down right now? Not like there is anything anyone will want to do with the land right now. Why can't we bus the smaller kids that live the farthest out or would have to cross major roads? Just keep a few going. By the time they are in middle or high school you they are big enough to walk or may have built some friendships and could get a ride from someone else if their parents can't take them. Elementary kids are the challenge. I don't agree with no buses. A cutback sure, but not total elimination.
Demericha June 15, 2011 at 05:30 PM
Angry Trenton Taxpayer and Parent This decision is so selfish. How do you expect for the children to get to school in the fall? Has the board members and the administration really thought about their decision, No! You rather put the safety of the children (humans) at risk to tear down a building. Do you realize how many sexual predators are in this area, your so smart look it up, a lot!! What about the kids in high school who are not of driving age? I tell you what, Woodhaven's school district are feeling the same pain, but they are not cutting their bus system out. You all are trying to save your jobs, but it is about the children. i know the solution take your kids out of Trenton and put them in the Woodhaven district. Their bus system picks up on the Van Horn side. Trenton you will lose more money because on count day, you are going to lose kids and you be in a worse situation then before. Your jobs will not be saved after that count day!! I suggest you re-visit the budget. The SAFETY of these children are going to be on your hands!!!! I hope you all sleep well, knowing that! This was a selfish decision and Governor Synder has offered help to communities, have you reached out or you just want to keep making stupid decisions on the heads of the children, whom without them you would not be working. No children, no job!!!!! Get the point!!! Get rid of the arrogance and let's get back to the basics, family, safety and education!!!! Mad taxpayer and homeowner!!!
Demericha June 15, 2011 at 05:34 PM
Go Jay Gulley!!! A concerned parent fighting for the kids and not the adults!! I commend your efforts!!
Meghan Everly June 16, 2011 at 09:26 AM
My daughter will not face this problem for another 2 years, but I will not be able to give my daughter a ride because we both leave so early for work, and we live over by Taylor Elementary so there is no way she is walking. I wish that they would have brainstormed more ideas, like perhaps a pay plan for people that live south of Van Horn.
Lindsey Hale June 17, 2011 at 08:06 AM
This doesn't affect my family for a few more years, but I worry about the small children that live on the other side of Fort Street and in Downtown Trenton. I know some parents will have no choice but to make their Little ones walk to school and that will be so dangerous for them. I wish they would have found another solution.
Thonya Huddleston June 17, 2011 at 01:11 PM
The busing issue will not personally affect us as I am fortunate to be a stay at home mom of 3 with a car. I do however worry about those that this will affect. I am wondering if there was any discussion about using those buses that they will keep to get athletes to sporting events to get those kids that need it most to and from school safely? Possibly do an application process?
Demericha June 17, 2011 at 02:22 PM
Meghan, I know how you feel. I live in that area as well. The closing of Taylor was already a life changing decision for these children and now they are going to make another major life changing decision. They ae putting our kids lives at risk. The Board should have watched the special where the FBI-Detroit Unit spoke on a nightly news program and said Michigan has the highest rate of children and teenagers being taken off the streets and being sold in sex slavery underground. So, they do not care about what happens to the high schooler who are not of driving age nor the babies not in high school. They only care about themselves. They only care about the children who live close to the high school who it does not effect.
Demericha June 17, 2011 at 02:23 PM
stabarez August 24, 2011 at 02:25 PM
I live by Taylor as well ,I am happy to hear the buses are back . I have two sons that would have to make the walk if transportation was a problem ,which many times it was. My oldest son has made the walk through the tunnel & if it rains the tunnel is flooded & had to come back home ,not to mention filled with garbage ,broken glass smells like urine and needles have been found. Plus let me ADD I don't feel like explaining a lesson on what a prophylactic is to my younger son


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