MOM-ents: The "Not Done" List

Meghan knows that for every one thing she does, there are two more things that she meant to do but didn't.

I have noticed when people accomplish a few things it is customary to post it to their Facebook profile.  Since I am one of those people, I know that chances are no one cares that I did those things, but I feel so accomplished that I need to get a few “likes” from people. 

I also speculate that when people post something of that nature, that there is a back story to all the things that they didn’t do.  But no one ever mentions that.  So I have decided to.

So this week I was especially “productive”-having finished Christmas shopping for all but a few small things, I started wrapping Christmas presents-I have all of the kids’ stuff wrapped and many of my other gifts wrapped-I only stopped when I ran out of paper and gift labels (which I also went out and purchased more of on Sunday). 

Last week I took photos of the kids for the Christmas card, ordered it, and on Sunday stuffed, labeled, and stamped them all for Monday’s mail pick-up.

I returned a dress to the mall, bought a new dress to wear for a Christmas party that is a week away (usually I am running around the night before or--gasp--the day of). 

I bought hair clippers and trimmed Matthew’s disgustingly long old man hair.

So as I sat feeling all high and mighty and accomplished and wondering why I couldn’t always be this productive I realized one major flaw in my productivity.  And the flaw is that while I was busy doing all these “Christmas” things, little else was accomplished.

So here is the list of things I DIDN’T do (which, you may notice, is way longer).

  • I didn’t do any laundry until Sunday night when I realized that clean clothes for a work is pretty much a “must.” 
  • I haven’t cooked dinner for my family since Wednesday. 
  • My kitchen floor needs to be mopped.  Badly.  I sent Ryann around it with a pack of wipes to clean up any little juice marks she might see.  I had Matthew follow her with the dustbuster to buy me another week.
  • I have a stack of work I brought home for the weekend that hasn’t left my car.
  • What my status update would NOT have told you about Matthew’s hair is that since I used the wrong guard, I did his entire head with the beard and mustache attachment.  Luckily I have heard that the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is two weeks, so he should be back to normal by Christmas.
  • I sprayed some cleaning foam in the shower to start cleaning it.  Then I forgot about it.  I figure it will be triple clean by the time I actually get to it.
  • I have contemplated just bringing the ornament box back up from the basement so that I can slowly start putting the Christmas stuff away as Matthew brings me an ornament from the tree daily.  Instead of putting them back on the tree, I have just been stacking them on the kitchen counter.

I was going to write a column for Trenton Patch making fun of my entire family through a self-created parody of the “Twas’ the Night Before Christmas” poem. 

This is what you got instead.


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