MOM-ents: Holiday Shopping

Meghan writes an open letter to those out holiday shopping.

Dear Fellow Holiday Shoppers:

Chances are, if your holiday shopping is not done and you don’t complete it online, you will have to step foot into an actual store.

Odds are, you and quadruple the amount of people that are normally in the store will have the same idea and be there at the same time.

Please expect that “running in for one thing” is not going to happen in a timely fashion.

Please don’t make me wait for ten minutes behind you as you wait for the parking spot where the little old lady is loading 1000 bags into her trunk one at a time.  Take the spot that is open halfway down.  A little exercise won’t kill you.

When walking into the store the bell-ringers are not going to judge you if you don’t put money in the bucket every time.  Ignoring them does not make them not exist.  It is okay to make eye contact and smile.  (This does not count for the people who straighten your hair or buff your nails in the mall.  If you make eye contact, you are theirs.  I have the lifetime supply of “Dead Sea Salt Scrub” to prove it.)

Be polite when talking to store employees.  I guarantee they are not getting paid enough to listen to you.  And guess what?  They are there to do a job.  They are not in charge of ordering the Lalaloopsy Treehouse, nor is it their fault that said treehouse is sold out.  If you don’t want to take the replacement item, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Please plan on waiting for a while at the checkout line.  If another lane opens, please don’t race over like a crazed lunatic to save yourself five minutes.  You look like an idiot.  In addition, if you haven’t used the “self” checkout lane before, now is not the time to teach yourself how.

When paying by check, please try to have your check filled in as completely as possible while the clerk is ringing your items.  Don’t wait for the total before searching for your checkbook and pen.

When leaving the store, please put your cart away.  Not, like, away from your car and in between two other people’s cars or in front of your car in the parking spot or up on the grass somewhere.  Use the cart corrals.  It IS someone’s job to retrieve the cart from the parking lot.  It is NOT their job to make sure my car doesn’t get dented by some runaway cart that someone didn’t have the time/energy/class to put away in the right location.  I put my cart away every time.  Sometimes that means I am carrying two kids back to my car halfway across a parking lot.  What’s your excuse?

While out navigating through the holiday madness-take a deep breath and remember how rewarding it is to watch people you love open the things that you braved all the craziness for.  And promise yourself that you will start shopping earlier next year.

stasia December 05, 2011 at 03:32 PM
At tj maxx, I watched a lady destroy the side of a jeep while trying to park in a spot too small for her car. After botching her parking job, I figured she would take note of the damage, but she just went into tj maxx and started shopping. I feel bad for the jeep owner who came out to a ruined car.
Kelly Grignon December 06, 2011 at 12:08 AM
Parking lots bring out the worst in people, it's where they all show their true colors. Grocery stores are the worst simply because of that horrible variable: the cart. Trying to figure out if that boy is ok for your daughter to date or vice versa? Take him grocery shopping and put him in charge of the cart. I'm telling you, it's a sure fire way to weed out the crap! It drives me nuts when people stop, put their blinker on and creep behind that person that's walking to their car. Then they wait for them to load ALL of their groceries, get in the car, and then that person proceeds to SIT in their spot even though there's somebody waiting (when there's an opening 3 spots down). This is why I do most of my shopping (especially during the holidays!) online. no carts, no lunatics, or idiots. just me and my coffee.
Kelly Grignon December 06, 2011 at 12:09 AM
ps - As a kid I never understood why my dad would park "out in the boonies" and make us walk all that way to the store. Now I get it.
michelle December 07, 2011 at 02:18 PM
Meghan and Kelly you both crack me up. I love your stories so much!!! On that note, I was stuck buying 2 dead sea salt things for my nails...one for me and one for my step mom with me. Boy they are good sales people for expensive useless things. LOL. Same thing with the Salvation Army. If I have a dollar or two on me I put it in. If not, I say hi either way. They don't judge. I don't feel guilty for walking by. Everything else in the mini shopping rant is so to the point and true! I hate "parking vultures" and cart abandoners. Anyway, keep up the great stories. It makes my Monday's delightful.
Meghan Everly December 08, 2011 at 12:33 AM
Thanks Michelle! Luckily I was alone when I bought the sea salt scrub but I was privy to a super secret offer that was only good for five minutes and the price I got had to stay between the salesperson and me. So of course I tripled my order.


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