MOM-ents: Black Friday

Meghan wants to know why some people love Black Friday?

As usual, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving during which we ate too much and enjoyed visiting with family.  However, the real excitement for me came much later in the evening when, on a whim, I decided to hit up Target at midnight to see if I could score a deal, and if nothing less enjoy some people watching.  I have to peck away at my Christmas list daily in December to get all of the things that I need, so I thought this would be a great kick start.

Not so much.

My girlfriend and I arrived at Target right before midnight (rookies I know) and ended up parking out at the end of the lot in the first spot we saw.  As we walked up, we could see the line was pretty long.  As we started walking to the back of the line we realized that it would more than likely be HOURS before we were ever to even step foot in the store and being the quitters that we are, we quickly decided to just head back to the car.

So I am wondering: What is all the Black Friday fuss about?  I consider myself to be pretty financially aware.  I clip coupons, buy things on sale, etc., but there is no amount of money that I could save that is worth standing in line for hours and elbowing old ladies to get the “it” toy.

Perhaps it is because my kids are too young.  Ryann hasn’t even asked for anything specific for Christmas so I have spent her first three Christmases buying things that I really liked and hoping she would like them too (i.e. the Pottery Barn Kitchen set that she “had” to have when she was one).  This year I am still molding her opinion based on purchases I have already made.  As a matter of fact, her most desired item thus far is scissors, because she had a friend over that wanted to use some and I wouldn't let her because I didn't have any "kid" scissors.

I also understand that many people are on a budget, so taking the time to really shop the deals gets them more bang for their buck. If your kid asks for $200 worth of things but you only have $100 to spend and you can get it all for that while only losing six hours waiting in line, then it maybe is worth it. 

So I guess I want to know from the real die-hard Black Friday shoppers out there: How long were you out and how much did you save?  I may have to reevaluate and try again next year.  Although most likely not.

Tracy Loger November 28, 2011 at 12:28 PM
For me, it is more of an adernaline rush. I did save around 100.00 total on deals, but I also stood in line for a total of about 4-5 hours between Target and Toys R Us. The mall however I got awesome deals at Childrens place and Crazy Eight, but today they are offering the same deals on line with free shipping. If the weather were icky, I would stay home and cyber shop, but the weather was good, I was with a good friend, and we had a blast!!! That is what it was about to me:) As far as it being more of a deal, I think the deals get better and better closer to Christmas................
Lindsey Hale November 28, 2011 at 04:42 PM
I used to go out just for fun..but last year seeing people literally fight over towels barely on sale I didn't find it worth the crazy. I did save a ton shopping at a few places online so that was way more worth it this year. I also will save up my crazy shopping for when my kids are older and "need" the hard to find or pricey toy. I can understand though if getting some of those sales was the only way I could buy my kids things I'd for sure be in line early!
Meghan Everly November 28, 2011 at 11:40 PM
Tracy-I am with you as far as it sounds like a fun night to plan out with the girls. Although, I think I would rather be sitting near a window at a drinking establishment inside of a mall :) Lindsey-I gave my debit card a work out just the same from the comfort of my computer :)


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